They Let Me Out

I don’t like how my novel turned out.

So now I’m turning it into a trilogy. Oops.

Then there’s this side project for fun. Not a commercial gig but more of a paean to some of my favorite authors. It’s a little thing called Werewolf: The Apocrypha. Three LARPs, limited in scope, focusing on different aspects of a warped version of that world.

  • Primal: where shapechangers from many nations travel forward in time to examine the damage done by an ancient enemy.
  • Moot: where the members of the Crescent’s Edge sept in Maine, over twenty years since its inception, receive some unexpected visitors on a night when the entire world seems to be falling apart.
  • Shards: where normal folks in Los Angeles find themselves victims of possession by werewolf spirits who died trying to prevent an overwhelming tragedy which sealed the county away from the rest of the Garou Nation

It’s been a number of years trying to figure out how to make this all work. I think I’ve got it. I ‘m working to get it all down somehow and then pull it in one place. Should be highly amusing.

As a bonus? One of the weird bits I’ve been working on: a historical timeline of Apocrypha:

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