Fading Suns going to layout!

The 4th edition Fading Suns sourcebook is going into design and layout! Next announcement should be for the Kickstarter. For folks who might not know, I’ve been working on pieces of this project for quite some time. And there’s a lot of careful attention to detail going on. This includes a great update to both the setting and the rules.

I will be plotting and planning out test sessions using the new rules and I look forward to scooping in some players to help me out!

Hells, if the new techgnosis rules and the news of the Emperor marrying a Vuldrok don’t excite you, are you soul-dead inside? Perhaps we need to send an Eskatonic to purge the shadow from you?

Official Announcement

From Ulisses Spiele International and the desk of Bill Bridges (Saint Bridges, if we get our way!):

Sources within Ulisses, headquartered on Holy Terra, reveal that production on the new edition of Fading Suns proceeds apace. The rulebook is complete and is entering design and layout. Many companion books and products are also done. “We realize things have been quiet of late,” said Bill Bridges, Fading Suns’ product manager, “but we had to wait for the Imperial Fleet to arrive in-system and chase away the void kraken that prevented ships from entering the jumpgate. Now communications should resume at a steady pace. Our troupe of gannok continues to type away madly, creating new Fading Suns books for our adoring fans.” Pressed for comment, Mr. Bridges downplayed the rumor that Temple Avesti has labeled the new edition as “ripe for Inquisitorial attention”, claiming that the current patriarch has approved it.


Very soon, we’re going to end up with a new Fading Suns. I can barely wait. Follow along at: https://www.facebook.com/UlissesINT/

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