This one will get me in trouble

If you claim whiteness, you are a supremacist.

Let me repeat that again. If you personally identify with the construct known as whiteness, then you are a supremacist.

Sounds a little extreme, eh?

It isn’t.

White isn’t a real thing.

It’s a social framework used to justify a position, that of a ‘positive’ invader, a hero who is taking the land away from the undeserving and bringing them up into the light under the white’s leadership. It masks the horror of invasion and, if resistance is encountered, genocide.

Though it was perfected in the 20th century, the framework of race derives spiritually from the Romans. They were so intent on branding everything, no one hypothesized how this might all turn out.

Take other cultures, tell them that their gods are actually Roman gods in disguise. Force them to worship all the Roman holy days. Slowly turn it so that there’s no difference between their gods and the Roman ones. Then do the same with their culture.

All was intended to be Roman, with the slight addition that not all ‘Romans’ would be created (or treated) equal.

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