First, Admit There’s a Problem…

Often, diagnosis of a physical, mental or emotional illness occurs when a patient first recognizes there is a problem. Next, the behavior of the patient is compared to a baseline. This establishes potential vectors by which the illness compromises the patient and their quality of life.

Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home.

Stanley Diamond

Human history is, at minimum, 40,000 years old and likely, meaningfully (in a behavioral sense) closer to 400,000. This places civilization and its accompanying behaviors somewhere closer to a quarter to 2.5% of total human experience. Even then, it’s only truly reached its feverish spread within the past 1,000 years. That makes it less than 3% of human experience.

How to Succeed at Life

In order to attain success, an organism’s experience needs to be replicable and persist over time. Humans, as a whole, achieve success in groups, manipulating their environment like all animals. This allows them to minimize threats to health and maximize resilience from one gen to the next.

Part of their ability to do this is through art and creating symbols. These symbols exist through spoken word, song or physical manipulation of objects. They create a lasting impression that can maintain or alter behaviors across generations.

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