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Hello all you folks working on social change! I posted this to a sub-comment on an online thread and wanted to repost it here. There are both trolls and paid types who are deliberately out to mess you up and take away your energy / destroy your group. My friends who are ex-military can back up the power of a good counter-intelligence op. Here’s the post:

I’m going to be odd and point out something interesting to you activist folks.

The argument between [name redacted] and [name redacted] is a pretty typical human argument; they agree in some points, disagree in others, and also are having a portion of time misunderstanding each other.

I’m pointing this out because there are these three dudes who, linguistically, keep bothering me: [editor’s note: here I pointed out three people whose names were dick puns. Seriously. All three. On a radfem comment thread].

So, [name redacted] sounds like ‘spite’, Schmidt is basically the German version of ‘Smith’. We’ve got two names that sound are plays on words on genitals, especially notable that they’re hanging around in radfem circles.

If I wanted to make a sockpuppet account, I think referencing Peter and [name redacted] would be funny, especially if the dick joke is moved to the surname.

How to Tell Real from Memorex

My issue is that Peter, Dick, and Cockshott sound like each other. They agree on the same principles, disagree on the same things and never, ever, seem to misunderstand each other.

On the other end, there’s this other dude, [name redacted] , who holds the same views but presents as -legitimately- angry with the situation. He presents as baseline human.

I am -not- saying that the three named above are actually sockpuppets; I’m noting that this is the pattern you -would- see from infiltration / external agitators. It’s exhausting to the community and serves no practical purpose.

[name redacted] and [name redacted] , my apologies for using you as an example. Honestly, it’s just your fight was so human, so typical of us: as a whole, arguing, passionately, with one another. And I hope the [name redacted] guy ends up okay as well.

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Basically, I’m taking the time to write this to you all because there are people of ill intent who want to tear social groups apart, especially at opportunities like this. And, in specific, there are people who very much really enjoy seeing you suffer.

Now, I’m not interested in that. You know how people talk about that echo-chamber bullshit (“have fun in your ECHO CHAMBER LIBTARD!!!”)? Well the [name redacted] / [name redacted] dialogue is proof that we’re not in one.

Above all, consider this comment a long set of yaps and yips that hopefully some will find helpful. Likewise, in the end, I hope you find your belly full, surrounded by friends, sharpening your blades for whatever comes next

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