A Dream of Asgard

I suppose I could call this a section on Queer Mythology?

I still haven’t sorted it all out yet, so I’m going to start with a trip through my odd little brain.

Last night I was dreaming I was one of the Aesir and we were worried about one of our own, another Aesir named Buri. Thankfully, this powerful woman who claimed to be part Jotun / part Vanir brought him back, claiming she found him on the far boundaries of Jotunheim.

She was obviously head over heels in love with him and he cared for her too. The Vanir claim, we also easily determined, was a lie but a small one she was offering up so Thor wouldn’t kill her off-handedly (Thor, in case you aren’t familiar with the old lore, is often a stubborn, thick-headed jerk).

I ask to speak with Buri alone and end up determining that he’s dead. She found his ghost at the edges of Niflheim and had no idea. We all mourn his loss, especially since Ragnarok is coming.

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