Where my mind wanders

Where my mind wanders…

The Bill Comes Due

(web series) Join an exclusive class of billionaires as they try and buy off Lottery tickets by giving a million dollars in support to the local eco-region.

Note: People with assets or wages over $200,000 in the established eco-region are excluded from this offer

Episode 1: The Greatest Losers – Highlights people who lost their billionaire status by shedding their money to under one ticket. Includes special interviews with people they have helped and culminates in welcoming them back to the community.

Episode 2: The Dead Pool – An entire episode looking at billionaires who earned the most tickets. Does this constitute some sort of brain damage, mental defect or spiritual failing?

Episode 3: The Hunt Begins – A random drawing of ten percent of the total Lottery tickets occurs. The national hunt begins. The hunt only ends when either the billionaire spends all of their money or they die. Dead ones end up on the obsidian Wall of Obscurity. Hash marks indicate how many millions they had.

Episode 4

This series brought to you by “Potlach”, a tradition where the wealthy give their resources away to the community. In return, the community invites them to some of the most epic parties ever. Potlach comes with a recognition of the human cultures who first designed it and the joy of looking forward to what next year is going to look like.

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