Are ya STOOPID or just DEAF?!

When Facebook decides that “Dakota Access Pipeline Facts” is appropriate for your feed, and then posts this– THE SOURCE OF WATER FOR THE STANDING ROCK SIOUX IS NOT NEAR THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE — the appropriately sarcastic response I came up with was this:

I like this argument, better known as the openly racist “Gosh, aren’t Injuns Stupid?” argument. Here’s a better one. We’re going to come over to your home and we’re going to dump some radioactive waste under it. You said “no”? Well, too bad. We’re going to whine at you 200 more times and then we’ll call in the cops to do it anyway. But don’t worry! We’ll dig a -really- deep hole. Your kids’ll be fine, right? Oh shut up! You’re not a nuclear scientist! How can you tell what’s “good” underneath your home? Our paid scientists say radiation is good. The SUN gives off radiation. You don’t hate the sun, right?”

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