The Importance of Journalism

In order to destroy a system, you need to knock out people’s faith in it. The big two targets are justice and truth. Mock the judiciary and set up an alternative “safer” version. Sow enough misinformation among the media that no one feels they can trust journalism anymore.

Admittedly, the media walked into this situation before the current administration moved in. The “24-hour news cycle”, while tempting to do with modern technology, ended up finding that there wasn’t -enough- relevant news to fill up the time.

To keep ratings up, they slid into -entertainment as news- and started derailing serious journalists.


We need to have frank and open conversations NOW on how to restore/support these institutions before they get subverted. For the courts I have no easy answer.

Open support helps.

Calling the justices, sending out consistent memos about what they do, filling the airwaves with their effect would likely help. Part of me wants to suggest having justices drop their party affiliation (but keep voting how they want) but I understand that messes with primaries in some states and that sucks 🙁

Re: journalism, that’s easier. We need to target and support serious journalist, people who are trustworthy. We need to cultivate students of journalism and give them a place to be.

I think the next incarnation of CNN has to be local-based. National / international news in the morning, afternoon, evening. Localized niche targets (ecoregion based) for all the other hourse of the day.

Citizen journalism alone will let us get sucked into panics because we don’t have time or training for a chunk of it. And there’s a hellishly efficient propaganda machine lined up to work against us.

We need to contact the journalist schools and meet people. Also, we need to have a place for them to be. We need to support them with coffee and food and resources. Here’s where citizen journalism can be -very- important. We can offer them leads.

In the meantime, there’s a suggestion coming from the First Church of Coyote (until we get our act together):

News, folks. Right now, it’s like the weather. So report it like it is. Seen it, feel it? 100% chance of feds. Saw it from afar, 80%. You get the idea. Rate your reporting so people got an idea of how real it is. Don’t report the thunderstorm when all you’ve got is a view of balmy skies and a screen.

— yes, we are quoting ourselves. We are the 1st Church of Coyote. We are weird.

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