Flow and Resistance

Take time to assess your position. Turn off all the media links. Drink some tea, have a cup of espresso, sip on a cool glass of water.


Have something handy to write on. If ideas come into your head, jot them down. But think about these questions?

What have I achieved?

How have I achieved?

Why have I achieved?

Your brain might answer you first “not much.” or “nothing” but keep asking. Pay attention to the little things. Did you comfort a friend? Or did you offer help? Did you reach out for help? How was your time and energy channeled into resistance?

Resistance takes place in many ways, but one of its more powerful aspects is to divert away from the flow of ‘the normal’. With enough time and people, that diversion becomes a new normal and the things you are fighting have no energy and dry up.

So figure out where you are now and what next small step will take you where you want to go. Resistance is hard. The end result, though, is worthy.

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