Be like the hawk

Wish the news would not play into this but they do: crisis fatigue.

The way it’s being played out on the admin side is like this: someone writes a cute fiction that fits in their general plan. They run it around, maybe leak it, twitter it, announce it through the press secretary.

If they get usable data on how to make it legal / possible, hooray! If not, who cares? After all, it’s just a fiction.

It’s designed to make the targeted groups and their allies freak out. And, it’s designed to divide us because we’re all defending our own specific causes. It’s designed to fatigue us because we honestly -don’t- know when one of these idiocies will become reality.

The solution? BE LIKE THE HAWK. Keep above it all, keep your cool -especially- if you feel scared. Get a hug. Learn how to ride the currents while keeping an eye on the landscape.

And when you see a -target-, a way to affect the situation and rob them of power, only then do you make your move.

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