A Voice in the Wilderness

So, Here’s a lesson I learned recently.

Speak up.

You might think your voice is worthless or that you’ve got nothing to say. Or maybe you think it’s been said before or said better.

But your voice. Your unique voice. It carries. Others hear it. Others can carry it to people untouched by all of those other voices -you- think are important.

To be brief, your voice can be carried to light all the dark corners.

Most of the time, you don’t have to come up with something totally new. Sometimes your voice is part of the chorus, the harmony. Maybe it amplifies what someone else says. Maybe it’s an expression of support. An “I love you”. An emoticon 🙂

I know it’s important to listen. It’s important to show respect. And, above all, I know the power of silence.

For so many of us, though, society trained us to be an audience. And, what is happening now does not deserve an audience.

It deserves our howl. And it deserves our rage. It deserves our derision. Definitely, it deserves our shout.

And it deserves our voices, in harmony, showing the world what humanity, at its heart, truly is.

So speak up.

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