Weathering the storm

Fear. Probably the greatest thing we have to address here. Fear, in measured doses, is a healthy way to describe that something’s wrong.

I’ve now spoken to many folks on one side and often our conversations end with “Well I -saw- this when I was stationed in XX place.” and that’s the end of it for them. They saw horror and recognize that it could have implications for home.

So folks on the other side typically go “they have PTSD. They don’t get it.” And then they talk about their fears, which involves racist or prejudiced people crushing their friends and allies.

I believe both sides are absolutely feeling fear. I believe that they definitely -had- reason for this fear. But I suspect that their current fears are being misappropriated and misused.

In short, I think larger forces use fearful people.

Take, for example, the friend who insists that we need to ban immigrants because terrorists exist. Well, we can argue that I have a better chance of killing him by throwing a d20 at him than a terrorist killing him.

He can argue that I don’t understand the reality of the situation because there’s hidden things going on that the intelligence community doesn’t share.

The -reality- is that he’s afraid because somehow he is unsafe. To ridicule that fear is to ignore that there is -something- going on. It just may not be what I or he assume.

So where the hells does this take us? I think we need to start working from a place of strength. Need a hug? I’ve got one. Need some food? We’ll find some? Need someone to have your back? Our numbers are legion.

Help people learn what living without fear -feels- like. Help them understand their needs, which are often hidden by the bullshit media hooks put out there for us to hang ourselves on.

Create a conspiracy that promotes fortitude. Teach us how to persevere.

That’s how we will weather the storm.

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