New Tabletop RPG supplement + update

Update: 6 months into 2016

Working on a romance novel + the edits to Silence in the Chapel. Have submitted “No Love For Emily” to an anthology. Finished the “Angel” script — have I mentioned Angel? Picture Michelle Rodriguez as a doctor in a broken down hospital who discovers a cult worshiping an ‘Angel’ with horrifying consequences.  Then there’s that nasty supernatural screenplay I’m halfway into: “That Which Remains”. College students, medical experimentation in the dead of winter, ancient curses, NOT the result they were looking for.

I’m checking into the possibility of updating a live-action system I worked on and having an amusing time brainstorming an art-centered curriculum for middle schoolers.

And then there’s this!


A fun diversion while working on Peregrine Dunn, thank you Adamant Entertainment!

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