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In Ice, She Sleeps

Posted: 12th March 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Short Story, We Rise
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So one day I’m in this discussion about how the prince in Cinderella is obviously under the effect of fairy magic and why didn’t his parents figure that out? That inspired me to look a little deeper into fairy tales and start teasing out some deeper thread. With that said, enjoy: Ω That day was […]

In Blackest Night

Posted: 26th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Mythic Ecology, Personal, Philosophy
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It is the province and the responsibility of artists, in times of despair and darkness to shine a light on dark corners, and, often enough to be the light. Take care, be brave, have hope. We shine for you.

Bearing the Last Light

Posted: 15th December 2016 by Bill Maxwell in Los Angeles, Magick, Mythic Ecology, Personal, Philosophy, Theology
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You might have heard this before: A lot of folks think this has been a really dark year. I can’t disagree with them. I lost a very close friend to suicide, a couple of others to age. People moving away, moving around. Lots of threats and anger and fear. A proposed lynching. An >apply bad […]