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New Flashfic: Cross the Line

Posted: 5th June 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Flash Fiction, Intersections, Personal
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There is an argument that video games can cause violence. I know for a fact that for many people, it brings solace. It brings relief. And there are circumstances where violence is sadly necessary. Ω Simply put, when drink and the night took him, that’s when she came alive. Phosphor colored dots on a desktop […]

Are ya STOOPID or just DEAF?!

Posted: 14th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal
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When Facebook decides that “Dakota Access Pipeline Facts” is appropriate for your feed, and then posts this– THE SOURCE OF WATER FOR THE STANDING ROCK SIOUX IS NOT NEAR THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE — the appropriately sarcastic response I came up with was this: I like this argument, better known as the openly racist “Gosh, […]

The Importance of Journalism

Posted: 11th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Los Angeles, Personal
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In order to destroy a system, you need to knock out people’s faith in it. The big two targets are justice and truth. Mock the judiciary and set up an alternative “safer” version. Sow enough misinformation among the media that no one feels they can trust it. Admittedly, the media walked into this situation before […]

The Terrible Twos: a defense against irrational people

Posted: 9th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal

Apparently someone who shouldn’t have a twitter feed has a twitter feed. Since their words don’t match their actions, I’d like to take a moment to address what to do with this sort of trolls. I’d like to call this the Terrible Twos defense. Earlier today, I responded on a forum mocking two guys who […]

Flow and Resistance

Posted: 6th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Los Angeles, Personal

Take time to assess your position. Turn off all the media links. Drink some tea, have a cup of espresso, sip on a cool glass of water. Reflect. Have something handy to write on. If ideas come into your head, jot them down. But think about these questions? What have I achieved? What have I […]