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In Ice, She Sleeps

Posted: 12th March 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Short Story, We Rise
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So one day I’m in this discussion about how the prince in Cinderella is obviously under the effect of fairy magic and why didn’t his parents figure that out? That inspired me to look a little deeper into fairy tales and start teasing out some deeper thread. With that said, enjoy: Ω That day was […]

A Day in the Life of Midgard

Posted: 24th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Mythic Ecology, Philosophy, Theology
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I’m in one of those thoughtful moods this morning. Loki, son and heir to the line of Ymir, first power in the universe and the substance, was known as the god who shakes things up, the trickster. One of his children was an apology to Odin for messing things up (long story short: he impulsively […]

In Blackest Night

Posted: 26th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Mythic Ecology, Personal, Philosophy
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It is the province and the responsibility of artists, in times of despair and darkness to shine a light on dark corners, and, often enough to be the light. Take care, be brave, have hope. We shine for you.

New Short Story: “No Love For Emily”

Posted: 25th October 2016 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Short Story
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This tale was inspired by someone looking and me and snarling “Why should we follow your laws?” This would be my answer, complete with a fair bit of body horror and ancient rituals. You have been warned. And may you have a happy Hallow E’en. Ω The first thing Conny learned about Emily was that […]

Two of my short stories, The Red Gift and The Trouble With Perspective are up for sale. I’ve also got a pair of new short stories that will coming up this week. The Red Gift A magical version of modern Los Angeles, an ex-druid down on his luck. Some people spend New Years Eve alone, […]