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Every culture on the planet has an origin story, a way they describe how things came from not-being to being. In this, they often have a mythic narrative that also discusses how the first man and woman came into existence. Equally as often these progenitors are presumed to be just like us. If you were […]

Are ya STOOPID or just DEAF?!

Posted: 14th February 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal
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When Facebook decides that “Dakota Access Pipeline Facts” is appropriate for your feed, and then posts this– THE SOURCE OF WATER FOR THE STANDING ROCK SIOUX IS NOT NEAR THE DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE — the appropriately sarcastic response I came up with was this: I like this argument, better known as the openly racist “Gosh, […]

A Helping Hand?

Posted: 7th September 2016 by Bill Maxwell in Los Angeles, Mythic Ecology, Personal
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What I laid out for the attendees was the foundation of a conversation: that the U.S., by its own admission, is in active occupation of 500 – 1000 sovereign nations in the continental U.S. and that the Los Angeles tribes (who are very much alive and still culturally active and yes, there’s even a tribal government) never had a ratified treaty. If you live in L.A., you’re squatting on their land.

Screenplay done & in the Hands of Hollywood

Posted: 16th August 2016 by Bill Maxwell in Personal
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I’m going to have to remember to light a stick of incense, dig up the corpse of an unholy monster, sacrifice to the gods of the Everdeep or otherwise prostrate myself in front of the forces of Entertainment. Yes, it’s correct. I have finished a screenplay and it is in the hands of a producer. […]

Oh. “Bring us a figgy pudding; Oh, bring US a figgy pudding; Oh, BRING US a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer”