Silence in the Chapel

When a Templar Knight hires Dunn to look into a simple Possession & Entering, Dunn understands it’s more than just a simple job.

From pacts with ancient spirits to gods created by committee, it’ll be a miracle if Dunn can keep his skin intact on this case, let alone keep his soul.

“People spinning spirits down the Boulevard,

Rune-casting by jokers in back-room casinos in Commerce,

Divination by the ladies in K-Town

Demons offering deals off Sunset

Heavenly hosts on the Winter Solstice

La Ciudad de la Reina de los Angeles. City of the Queen of Angels.

This is my beat. This is my town.

Caer Angeles.”

A jigger of rum, half lime, teaspoon of rich brown sugar. Let the sour hit the roof of the mouth, the burn take the throat, the sugar smooth it out. Soak it all in. It’s going to be one of those days.

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