Past Work

Thrilling Tales (Savage Worlds): Violet

RPG Villian

By the time I started work on Violet, I was well on my way into Peregrine Dunn and his initial novel, Silence in the Chapel. Given that, I felt delighted to jump into a pulp villain, in a world with dark, stark, memorable characters.

If there is a name that causes a shudder to go through the underworld, that name is VIOLET.  She’s only been in the business a handful of years. But she’s left behind her a trail of bodies and broken souls.

Around her, people die silently, or choking on their own blood, or just taken away screaming.

She is the most methodical assassin on the market. An expert in poisons who the bosses always want to keep busy.  Because if she isn’t occupied with one task or another, she might get bored. And everyone is terrified of what will happen then.


Each Pulp Villains release will detail a nefarious non-player-character, ready to be dropped into your pulp-genre Savage Worlds game, fully statted, with details on their methods, motives, special gear, henchmen, allies and more — along with a collection of adventure hooks for their use.

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