The Lost Gods Cycle

Cataloging crimes with an occult twist; Dr. Frost works to unravel why people commit atrocities in the name of God. But in the middle of writing her next book, her world comes apart when a savage murder is committed solely to grab her attention.

To find answers, she must team up with a police detective and a madman who claims to be able to shape reality. It will start a journey that takes her from the mundane city streets to the hidden cracks in creation.

Because out there, somewhere, someone is trying to break the world.

And it looks like they might be able to do it.




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Released by Last Light Studios under their [Star] Imprint in Fall 2014


forgive usA startling short tale about a group of researchers and what happens when they prevent a disturbed man from completing a ritual off a lonely shoreline in England.

Included with this short is an excerpt from the novel SHADOWPATH.




The Trouble With Perspective is also available on:

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