Bill’s Work


“Here is what I’ve found—that every thought you think, every dream you dream casts a shadow that is just as real, just as vital as the world you live in. Some few of us can reach into those shadows, those ripples of reality, and we can manipulate them, travel to them, bring them to us.”

Elisabeth managed to regain her feet. “Where are we?”

“This?” He indicated around him. “This is the Sunset Road, the Via Umbrae, the boundary between our real world and the others. The Shadow Path.”

Dr. Elisabeth Frost, conventional psychologist, part-time author, finds herself drawn into an investigation with no apparent motive save to pull her into it.

To solve this brutal murder, she’s going to have to look past her preconceptions and into the world of the shadows, where a select few wield powers that stretch the imagination.

There is a war going on out there, a war in the darkness. Dr. Frost has just been sent an invitation to it, engraved in pain and flesh and horror.

And now she’s becoming a part of it.

Shadowpath, the first in the Lost Gods Cycle, is available for purchase now.



“Rule 37 (I really should move this higher up the list): never trust dames bearing gifts.

Even beautiful ones.

Especially beautiful ones.”

Set in an alternative occult Los Angeles where magic is openly and widely practiced, he is the detective people call on when they want to find answers. Whether working for the Knights Templar or serving an empire of endangered Lizard People, his only love is the city, his only goal is to uncover the truth, regardless of the cost.

“You got a problem, brother? Take it to the cops.
You got an issue, sister? Plenty of private dicks willing to lend a hand.
But if you want to find out the ‘why’. You want to dig in deep, get to the root of the problem, you call me.
Name’s Dunn.
Peregrine Dunn.”

Silence in the Chapel, the first in the Peregrine Dunn Affairs, is due to be released this year.


After two decades of investigation and research, We Rise emerges an anthology that re-imagines fairy tales back to their mythical roots: Cinder Ella as the daughter of a dragon fighter, struggling with her father’s legacy; Snow White as an explanation of how the seasons change; Sleeping Beauty, a child of the Court of Stars, looking at the origin of life itself. Over a dozen stories crafted to bring out a hidden legacy of stories that were told long before the European myths that we learned about in school.

There was a time when Time itself was deep and still.
When the Court, newborn, lay scattered across the dark,
the lights of silver and golden torcs shining in evernight.

In that beautiful and silent time,
the Lord and Lady made a daughter.
Radiant like no other, a bloom unseen until then.

She dazzled the court and the heavens wept with joy.
They gave her the name Áille. Beauty.
She was born to change everything.

We Rise is due to be released this year.