At the End of The Day

The Facility was on fire and the Thing that everyone feared had been released and returned to its normal habitat, just as much a victim as everyone else.

All of the staff–save the upper management–thousands of people were following the architect of their salvation towards the outer gate. He was old, and irascible, and obviously didn’t care for a large crowd of people following him (and trying to thank him) but he obviously cared as well.

Jessica, who had staid mostly underwater in the small channel that was next to the road, finally emerged. “Is it gone?”

The old man grasped his collar with one hand and nodded. “It is indeed, my dear. You are welcome to emerge from the water and continue on with your ways.”

She came out, shivering, grateful. Someone gave her their coat.

They all came up to the Gate. The one that had defined their existence, and while unmanned, it was just as locked as ever. But the old man did something they couldn’t see and it came unlocked. There was an odd wheezing sound from the other side of the gate that made the old man smile.

“Who are you?” Andrew asked as the gate opened.

The old man pointed at a blue box that was on the other side of the gate.

“You’re police?”

He grasped both collars and straightened his jacket. “Of course.”

The door to the police box open and someone’s voice came echoing from inside. “Doctor, we have to go! The convergence is happening now!”

Without missing a beat, the Doctor looked at Andrew. “I consult with the police.”

He strode up to the box and started to enter it. Andrew was confused. “Hold on… aren’t criminals supposed to be put in that box?”

For the first time, the old man smiled and there was just the hint of mischieviousness in his express. “Oh, I’m that, too!”

He closed the door and there was a wheezing sound and to their astonishment, their savior vanished.

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