Uncommon Duet

Okay… okay okay… So, Subspace Rhapsody. We know Federation ships on the subspace network were affected and some Klingon ships. But consider this…

Logic dictates that the Vulcans likely has a division of agents monitoring subspace covertly, spying on allies and enemies alike to discern out any potential threats to Vulcan (first) and the Federation (second).

Equally believable is that the Romulans are doing the same thing. Well… more enemies than allies in this case, but there’s no way the Romulans wouldn’t be monitoring the Federation, the Vulcans, and the Klingons. At least their subspace frequencies.

Which is where the funny comes in.

See, it’s now canon that Vulcans and Romulans are extremely emotional, vastly more than humans. Vulcans have developed a mental switch to shut off those emotions. Romulans have vast social traditions (and Romulan ale) to basically yank their emotions under control. Spock’s issue is that he has two competing systems (human and Vulcan), which is why he wrestles with keeping his emotions (human-weak or Vulcan-strong) in check.

Fine, fine, fine, but what does this have to do with Subspace Rhapsody?

Well… the temporary musical reality demanded that people who get emotional sing. And people struck with that with no context as to why it’s happening…

Somewhere out there, a Vulcan spy, who realized a volatile subspace anomaly might really hurt things, felt the briefest pang of fear which then, instead of being controlled, forced them to burst into song.

Somewhere else, a Romulan spy–who tried stopping singing with Romulan ale–ended up singing more.

And that’s why, recorded but unheard by most except those spies who have the highest access to secrets, is an amazing sensual, spirited Vulcan/Romulan duet.

I soooo want to hear it…

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