The Context of Kings

So not to be totally doom and gloom (see last post of America), there’s something interesting to point out:

American’s conception was “Everyone can be a king”–even if the Constitution doesn’t literally state it that way. It’s baked into all of its foundations.

However, their reaction to Europe was not the only ingredient in the soup. We know that the Freemasons involved themselves at the higher levels of the gentry. Their goal was twofold: try to determine the intentions of the architect of the Universe through its creations AND build a better world.

The second was the fact that there was a long-running successful democracy already in existence in Turtle Island and its origins were breathtaking.

Unlike the American founders (“Everybody can be a king!”), the question of the (pre-) Haudenosaunee Confederation was “how do we get powerful nations to stop fighting?”

The groundwork for their government was nothing short of brilliant. It invited representatives of the most powerful factions to gather together. But it also tied that privilege to the women back home. They were openly in charge of the fortunes of that representative. They robbed people of their ability to do harm easily. While still leaving the potential of war at the cost of being called a failure. There were social mechanisms in place to express that you’d done wrong and how to make amends. They took a reformed complete and total bastard and put him in as a moderator for the discussions. Under the understanding that if everyone didn’t play nice, the bastard might go back to being unreformed. They planted a living symbol of their unity. And invited anyone who wanted to come to send representatives to it, as long as they followed the Great Peace.

This proved to not only be fruitful, but also pervasive. The democracy lasted even to today, through attempted genocide by the Americans.

In the late 20th century, scholars recognized these concepts as being inspirational to America’s constitution.

So there is a shadow America lurking between the two main Americas (Gold America vs White America). You can find it’s influence in the constant rebellion against the status quo. That has brought about all that is the most brilliant and beautiful in the country. All of the jazz and blues and rock and barbeque and cajun food and Tex Mex. And so vastly much more.

That’s the healthy version we should be supporting.

Want a future vision?

White person for president. Preferably someone like a Buttigieg. The entire Congress, both houses, consisting SOLELY of non-white representation. The entire Federal Court system: all women.

That would be a start.

It’s also achievable.

That’s all for the moment. May you have a thoughtful 4th.

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