Ley Lines… Or Are They?

I apologize in advance for the way my brain works.

Ley lines are a twentieth century fiction based on the ideas of linear paths that lead from one sacred site to another. Which… doesn’t really work out and who has heard of a straight line in nature? Technically the term means “a line that runs through a clearing” 😛

However, similar concepts can be found in feng shui (a Taoist / animist belief) re: paths of notable energy.

Still, instead of culturally appropriating…

Contemplated a better term than “ley” (clearing, open meadow) and my brain supplies “leannan” coming from the term “Leannan sidhe” (generally translated as fairy lover”)

That brought me around (Google translate) to “loidhne leannan” or lover’s line. Or if you need to be more specific “loidhne leannan talmhainn” (earth lover’s line). Lines denoting the place where the strongest of earth’s energies run.

Love can be nurturing or damaging, depending on the context, but it expresses the -force- of the relationship and highlights its dynamic.

And scarring those lines… the damage should be obvious…

So I’m going to use Leannan Lines from now on 🙂


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