The Omicron Blues

You’re not going to like this.

Most folks are flouting pandemic “rules” because they see the way the world is going, see what civilization is doing to the world, and they want to die.

They’ll never frame it as such, because that’s how a mind protects itself.

For example, let’s say 1%-5% of the folks who catch COVID (unvaccinated) die. Horrific tragedy, deaths counted.

But what’s notable is over 50% of the people who catch COVID get “long-COVID” symptoms–which includes extreme fatigue and heart issues. Current data indicates you can get long-COVID regardless of whether you are catching it for the first, second, or seventeenth time.

In isolation, that’s scary, but now add in climate-change related events. Adrenaline will not help a person with long-COVID overcome their fatigue. In fact, pushing themselves will make it worse.

That’s means a massive amount of the impacted population will be in serious trouble in any major emergency. Something to ponder.

However, here’s the big issue: they want to go to that promised “heaven” that the churches talk about. They want to lay down their burden because they feel they can’t stop themselves from killing the world. But they can’t just suicide. That would be “wrong”. So they exist in a state where ignoring the oncoming headlights is easier.

Here’s what’s next: to date, COVID-omicron’s symptoms might be mild. However the medical establishment is concerned. Mainly because they are seeing the possiblity of it being highly transmissable. It definitely has some-to-a-lot of ability to slip past vaccine protection. It’s equally likely it arose through a zoonotic exposure across species.

Forty percent or more of the U.S. is not vaccinated. And a large chunk of that population is doubling-down on risky behaviors to “own the libs”. Exposure to COVID-Omicron will only increase their contempt that this is “like a simple cold.” Except that, because they are unvaccinated, there is a significant chance of that population hosting multiple strains. Which allows for greater viral mutation. Imagine a delta crossing with an omicron strain. Expect a substantially more lethal variant of COVID emerging from that population within 6 months to a year.

But what about those folks who are following the rules? If they are also saying “life will return back to normal! Soon!” and are pushing the government and corporations to “get back to work” then they are more delusional and dangerous than the ones who are trying to kill themselves.

This life is NOT normal. And I’m not talking “Life” in general. The world and the universe and humans are still beautiful and wondrous. I’m talking about this slice of life, this industrialized horror show which has me simultaneously dependent on it and using its tool to SCREAM across the void that this style of living has to stop.

As artists, we keep trying to show you a different world is possible. A different way is reachable. And it must be done. If not by us — collectively — then, it will be done by extinction.

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