An ADD Murder Story

I’m sorry, your honor. What was the question again?

Why did I eye-stab him four thousand, two hundred times?


Well, I only got up to that number because my arms got tired, so then I thought that maybe I needed some nutrition to keep on going–I’m all about keeping my body healthy–so I thought about ordering pizza but then I wondered the best way to get the blood off my hands (because I really didn’t want to freak out the delivery person), so I got online to research hydrogen peroxide–which I think reacts with blood and cleans it up?–but after that I remembered I was supposed to order pizza however there was still the body in the front hall and I really didn’t want to upset the delivery guy, so that, your honor, is how I ended up with the goats. (which is my bad: goats eat everything but -pigs- are the ones that’ll strip flesh off a human body).

Oh. That wasn’t the question? What was the question?

Why did I eye-stab him four thousand, two hundred times?

Ok… funny story about that…

For more information on adult ADD, try here: Attention Deficit Disorder Association

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