A Pair of Deaths

It’s the middle of the month and a pair of people I knew have passed.

Steve Perrin was a soul I knew from my days at Interplay (and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy). He had a tremendous impact on the gaming world before that, working with games like Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. I remember him as a kind man, always willing to spin a story or give advice, ever involved in games.

May the road be gentle on his feet. He’s already done so much for the gaming world. And may every wish for him give double blessings to his wife, who is still in this world.


One day later, I see a post from a friend that Garet Charnaw has passed. He was one of the gamers who played with us during the Sneezing Lizards days. No details on what happened but there has been a flood of people talking about him and missing him already.

All I can offer is may there be a light in the darkness for him, and a place to hold him where his journey ends.

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