Sexy, Sexy Hegemony

So… Star Trek.


Logical folks. Sturdy. Long-lived. Tend to tell you “live long and prosper”. Tend to appreciate things like “Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations” (IDIC).

I’ve seen a couple of memes where folks question why humans are the dominant species when Vulcans are around.

Humans are the dominant species?

Ho boy… do I have something to tell you.

I know, I know. Sometimes I’m slow. But it took me until this week to realize that the dominant species in Star Trek is the Vulcans. Or, if you want to get technical about it, they are -called- two different things in the series: Vulcans and Romulans. They’re the same species, though. Probable descendants of the Arretans (TOS), who in turn were likely the end result of the genetic tampering of the Progenitors (TNG), Vulcans arguably run the majority of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, about half the damn galaxy. One faction working with people and one running the show themselves.

Why did this come up?

Because we (as Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery show) the human race, find them very, very attractive. Enough so that we’re willing to hybridize with a race that doesn’t even share the same blood.

Homo sapiens. Boldy going where no Homo Sapiens has gone before. And getting all sexy sexy with it.

Seems there should be a lesson about life there.

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