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Shaving with Occam

The narrative of “well, cause money” doesn’t fit well here, given the scope of the many companies involves, the bureaucratic nature of the RFP (that’s a ‘request for proposal’) process, and the hostility of the last political regime, of which our current rep is a part.

Occam’s Razor demands that we look at simpler explanations: that this site ticked off the checkmarks on the RFP, that this allowed the site to go forward, with some exemptions provided and some uncovered due to the expedited nature of the project because the district was specifically stalling, and that provisions past that have been provided by government attempted to be helpful to get this built.

At stake? For the proponents of helping the temporarily un-homed, it prevents money dedicated to housing people without homes from going into the general fund. And for bureaucrats, votes; it looks good to get successful funding of tax dollars in a hot-button issue out.

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