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“Wisdom” of the Angry Crowd

If you ever have a chance, look at the video of the proceeding. The local neighborhood council presents this insane narrative that they feel ‘pressured from above’. That their ‘freedom’ (and by default ‘ours’ as members of the community) is being threatened. They must fight back with all of their might.

To protect the children, of course.

And they are 100% convinced the developer is in on it.

This is where things get interesting for me. Why would a developer jeopardize their multiple other projects by forcing an illicit proposal through a hostile political environment? And why wouldn’t one of the other listed companies take advantage of the situation, just to de-rail their competition and scoop up a better spot? Why jeopardize state-wide projects and a quarter-century reputation on graft? Or risk the loss of funds by choosing a bad site?

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