Fighting the White3 min read

OLD: within civilization, those with access to resources live -longer- and the type of people who horde those resources, at the expense of others, fit into this category.

WHITE: a power structure set up by a Eurocentric social system that is currently the dominant social force on the planet. If China had the same clout, we’d be talking about middle-kingdom racism, but it doesn’t have that position in the vast # of places we live in, so we discuss the -white- power system. And while bigotry and prejudice absolutely exist, we talk about -white- racism because it’s a social system that LOVES to group things by non-existent racial classifications / cultural classifications that it deems to be racial. Like Irish. Or Mexican. Ridiculous classifications.

MEN: within civilization’s power structure are misogynistic by default. They have to be to maintain a wartime status.

In essence, all of the above are signs. Like flat / concave cap, white-free-crowded gills, commonly red top with white spots. That describes amanita muscaria but not all variations of it.

If you are old or know someone who is old who made it without resources, congratulations! Or if, in your area, your skin tone / attitude gets you deemed white. If you are able to access that privilege, congratulations! Or if you are a male and are able to access that privilege, congratulations!

You may not be able to access any of that. That doesn’t make the identification of a possible threat any less wrong. It means that once you’ve identified something, you then zero in on more fine detail to determine what’s going on.

Which means, for the most part, the term Old-White-Men works as a great shorthand for “Be careful here.”

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