Fighting the White

To the folks who say #notallwhites, who think “ok, boomer” is ageism, who will always post #notallmen right after someone uses #metoo.

On behalf of the old white men, as a person who comes from a rich, privileged background, I just wanted to say “thank you”.

“Thank you” for denying that age and whiteness are part of the problem. And “thank you” for speaking out against Leftist whining and Identity Politics, Watermelons, Virtue Signalers, Anti-Capitalists. “Thank you” for saying that this is about ‘civilization’ without ever really breaking down what that means.

You are exactly the kind of pliable people that they need.

See, unlike those of you who have had people ground in the dirt, killed in camps, crushed in poverty, I’ve supped with the folks who eat caviar and drink fine liquors. The ones who build cities. And they are laughing at you. The Old White Men (and there are no shortage of those) love it when you think uncritically, when you pretend that white is not a thing or you fall for the lie that white is a race.

They love it when you share articles that make you feel better but obscure the fact that, at the top of the chain, they are killing the world because they have the ability to do so and you, as the shit-eating poor, do not.

They hate you with every fiber of their being but they love the things you do for them.

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