Oral vs. Literate Cultures, corrected

What DOES this have to do with writing?

It has to do with art.

The LM method requires a rich, 3-D sens-a-round appreciation of the artistic nature of the world around the user. The literate tradition is simply the exact same technology applied to minimalist art.

Think about. The earliest writing systems? Pictographic. And past that, lines and circles. It wasn’t that the technology was or is any different than oral cultures. It’s that literate cultures forced everyone to take an equivalent of a Masters course in appreciating only one style of art.

Doesn’t that sound a bit nutty? It is. And it drives some folks mad.

Because it links to strictly imaginary things, it lends itself an air of permanence which is neither realistic nor deserved. Entire branches of technology are cut off and cultural pathways erased simply because they didn’t value minimalism.

It’s probably one of the greatest art purges ever conceived.

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