Oral vs. Literate Cultures, corrected

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Here’s how the vast majority of human cultures took advantage of that feature.

Through art.

Humans really on an extremely intimate form of adaptive communication in order to maintain their status as alpha predators. Between members of a band, they can communicate intent (in a hunt) in astonishingly effective ways through anticipating facial and body expressions.

And because they are so communicative, they can extend this empathy to ‘read’ other animals (especially mammals) as well, allowing them to predict movements and catch the animal.

From that compulsive need to communicate, music arises, specifically, what we call speech. Neat way to communicate intent when you are out of visual range (or lure in prey while hiding). Shape recognition is another huge factor.

This type of learning was reinforced over and over and over again. It’s key to who we are as people.

Now, some brilliant folks managed to take it one step further. Note that this is a trend. They used music to impart meaning to their actions and then used the local landscape as the triggers for that music.

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