Future Tech: Carbon Mushrooms

One of those weird things that comes to mind:

The San Fernando has a particular kind of weather, that tends to wrap around it and curl, like a snake, coupled with an above average amount of strong winds.

So, picture carbon sequestration filter towers put up on the hills and mountains that surround the Valley. Their product is (essentially) ‘plant food’. It feeds strips of intense green linked to the towers.

In addition to removing / repurposing the air quality in the Valley, it also serves as a biological water filter (since rains always hit those high places and then stream down, like they’ve done pretty much forever) and, due to the land use, also serves as a green corridor for wildlife.

Oh… and the towers could also be set up in superfund sites, with biologicals (like… I think it’s spinach? but definitely mushrooms) that tend to detoxify land.

So, that’s my odd idea for today.

Thanks to Loraine Lundquist‘s campaign office (with her manager having a sticker that celebrates L.A. mountain lions) that sparked that train of thought. o_O

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