Needed: Spotlights

The current administration’s words are set to trigger people and to direct their energy. This was successfully tested in a notable dictatorship that Steve Bannon had (has?) a chubby for. It’s point is to set the narrative, yes, but also to exhaust you because it sets the appearance of flexibility when there is none.

So he says he will build a wall and shoot down all the Muslims. Everyone gets enraged and retweets it and protests. In the meantime, he defunds a woman’s health program (action). When it comes to the actual wall-building, he claims he has been listening to the populace and it’s smaller w/ no turrets. He’s compromising, right?

It also sets the stage for fruitless arguments. He posts a list of ‘crimes’ weekly. People rush around to dispute his list, again, expending energy and most importantly, setting up a stage for his PR people to argue the “facts”.

Instead what we need to do is set up a counter-narrative that is PRO-active, not re-active. What does our world look like and what are we doing about it.

React only to his actions. Treat his words like you would a 2-year old: “That’s nice dear. I know you -say- Mr. Fuzzy had a tantrum but who -really- spilled your milk on the floor?”

They are creating a shadow stage.

Let’s be the fucking floodlights.

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