Old Enough

A group of kids wearing Klan Hoods come off of a march that directly and hatefully targets women. They’re happy! After all, the Klan throws great barbecues and they’ve done their part to make sure women know their place.

They’re part of an organization — yes, that would be the Catholic Church — that supported both slavery (until 1996. Look up the Magdalene Laundries) and genocide and who routinely covers up pedophilia.

The Church also has this habit of screaming that their Mission program was right, despite the fact that it enslaved, raped and murdered a lot of tribes (there’s even an informative video of a Mission priest screaming at locals in 2014 about how he thought they were savages rescued by the church).

The Church even sainted one of the guys in charge of the Spanish rapists. Not going to forget that.

These kids go to school. They’ve got access to social media. It’s ridiculously easy to find out that the man behind the hat (ol’ 45 himself) supports the following things:

  1. Hiring known white supremacists and Dominionists (those folks want a theocracy)
  2. And supporting white supremacists at Charlottesville
  3. HATES native americans and wants to strip away all native american tribal rights (and lands)
  4. Maintains an active policy of separating native kids and their parents (challenges to ICWA which keeps kids with their culture / guess what: Mexicans are native, too!)
  5. And then concentrating those kids in camps.
  6. And lest we forget is currently actively pursuing taking citizen and tribal lands by eminent domain to build a wall so that people of color can’t get in.

That’s the easily verifiable stuff. The kids probably know even more from their parents. The fact that they’re wearing hats is them declaring their allegiance.

They are taking a side. Deliberately.

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