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In Ice, She Sleeps

Posted: 12th March 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Short Story, We Rise
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So one day I’m in this discussion about how the prince in Cinderella is obviously under the effect of fairy magic and why didn’t his parents figure that out? That inspired me to look a little deeper into fairy tales and start teasing out some deeper thread. With that said, enjoy: Ω That day was […]

And a Time For Grieving…

Posted: 8th March 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Los Angeles, Personal

I have it marked in my calendar, right or wrong, that today is the birthday of my friend, the one who died 7 months ago. I’ve lit a candle, sage, prayed, thought, and as my heart breaks up again, I can only hope that she has found peace and traveled to where she needed to […]

A little family history

Posted: 7th March 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal, Theology
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I am the son of Pol ap Finnis of the western shores. I serve at the feet of the mad Dreamer poet, the trickster who here is a Doctor and the Hunter. My mother’s mother was a Northman’s dottr. My family has traced that line all the way back to the travelers who came to […]