The struggle is real

I’m posting this here so I’m clear to all the people connected to me. I asked one friend a specific question — their limit as to when they judge this administration a bad one — and they answered. Another friend did not. So here I go (and thank you Bill Bridges for giving me this frame):

Note: some edits made for clarity as an individual post.

I’m not trapped in echo chamber conversations. Instead, I have friends being shot at.

Let me repeat that for you.

I have friends being shot at.

This is not a game for me. I spent the last two nights at meetings re: the Aliso Canyon gas leak, talking to people whose children are bleeding profusely from their noses, vomiting rashes, headaches. Family members dying, pets dying.

You can watch the footage, all 6 hours of testimony if you want, online.

The current administration is -actively- dismantling the federal agencies meant to oversee exactly this kind of action.

I have friends who are actively being threatened of being lynched. Pictures of their family is being sent to them. I’ve got friends who have been beaten in the name of this administration.

This is not a game.

This is not the result of an echo chamber. These are people I am talking to, personally.

I am privy to calls from people who live in West Virginia, whose health is a wreck due to the coal industry and waste. The regulations dealing with that were dismantled yesterday.

This is not a fucking hypothetical situation I need to argue here.

I’m not bandying back and forth. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. When I’m talking about what your threshold is to determine whether this is a government for and by the people OR it’s being overrun by men of ill intent, I’m asking you one simple question:

When will you Rage?

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