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Weathering the storm

Posted: 31st January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal, Philosophy

Fear. Probably the greatest thing we have to address here. Fear, in measured doses, is a healthy way to describe that something’s wrong. I’ve now spoken to many folks on one side and often our conversations end with “Well I -saw- this when I was stationed in XX place.” and that’s the end of it […]

Definite Opinions

Posted: 30th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in First Church of Coyote

The First Church of Coyote is amused to enter the following definition: SNOWFLAKE (noun) 1) the process by which evaporated coyote urine becomes frozen and drinkable, by an unknown, completely mysterious process only understood by ‘scientists’, ‘educated adults’ and children 10 and under (but above the age of sentience). Each snowflake is understood to be […]

On a Cycle That Needs to be Broken

Posted: 29th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Mythic Ecology, Personal, Philosophy

So I have to be brutal for a moment. We live in an abusive society. I’m sure a boatload of folks will stop reading right after that but bear with me. Most of the relationships we’ve been encouraged to develop are ‘power over’, which means one person has a serious ability to compromise another’s wealth, […]

Tale as Old as Time

Posted: 27th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Personal

To my gaming / gamer friends: Play’s as old as the human race, likely far older. And pretty much forever, it has been about preparing youth for what’s to come in the world. We turned a lot of that on its head with Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire and Werewolf and Fading Suns and ALL […]

In Blackest Night

Posted: 26th January 2017 by Bill Maxwell in Magick, Mythic Ecology, Personal, Philosophy
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It is the province and the responsibility of artists, in times of despair and darkness to shine a light on dark corners, and, often enough to be the light. Take care, be brave, have hope. We shine for you.