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Weathering the storm

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Fear. Probably the greatest thing we have to address here. Fear, in measured doses, is a healthy way to describe that something’s wrong.

I’ve now spoken to many folks on one side and often our conversations end with “Well I -saw- this when I was stationed in XX place.” and that’s the end of it for them. They saw horror and recognize that it could have implications for home.

So folks on the other side typically go “they have PTSD. They don’t get it.” And then they talk about their fears, which is their friends and allies getting crushed by racist or prejudiced people.

I believe both sides are absolutely feeling fear. I believe that they definitely -had- reason for this fear. But I suspect that their current fears are being misappropriated and misused.

In short, I think fearful people are being used.

Take, for example, the friend who insists that we need to ban immigrants because terrorists exist. Well, we can argue that I have a better chance of killing him by throwing a d20 at him than him being killed by a terrorist. He can argue that I don’t understand the reality of the situation because there’s hidden things going on that the intelligence community doesn’t share.

The -reality- is that he’s afraid because somehow he is unsafe. To ridicule that fear is to ignore that there is -something- going on. It just may not be what I or he assume.

So where the hells does this take us? I think we need to start working from a place of strength. Need a hug? I’ve got one. Need some food? We’ll find some? Need someone to have your back? Our numbers are legion.

Help people learn what living without fear -feels- like. Help them understand their needs, which are often hidden by the bullshit media hooks put out there for us to hang ourselves on.

Create a conspiracy that promotes fortitude. Teach us how to persevere.

That’s how we will weather the storm.

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Definite Opinions

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The First Church of Coyote is amused to enter the following definition:

1) the process by which evaporated coyote urine becomes frozen and drinkable, by an unknown, completely mysterious process only understood by ‘scientists’, ‘educated adults’ and children 10 and under (but above the age of sentience). Each snowflake is understood to be unique, mostly unique, or quite possibly not too unique if you compare across snowstorms but anyways, they’re pretty diverse.
2) ‘White’ people, predominantly white males, who for some reason consider their own experience so super-unique it excuses them from genocide, racism, ignorance, empathy or alien abduction.
3) {archaic} insult used against political opponents which is supposed to indicate that they maybe need special help? Or consider themselves unique? Honestly, it seems like a lot of psychological projection going on, folks.

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On a Cycle That Needs to be Broken

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So I have to be brutal for a moment.

We live in an abusive society.

I’m sure a boatload of folks will stop reading right after that but bear with me. Most of the relationships we’ve been encouraged to develop are ‘power over’, which means one person has a serious ability to compromise another’s wealth, health or security. A majority of the time, this leads to abuse. A lot of it is ‘legal’.

I’m sensitive to this thanks to the help of a -lot- of my friends, and because my cousin pushed to prosecute a case of ‘legal rape’ (her spouse). She was murdered for her efforts.

Some of you have encountered abuse in a relationship or in a family dynamic. Most of you will have encountered it at work. After all, this is a situation where someone is -literally- giving you things you need to live.

Most folks have been in a position where they’ve had to compromise themselves. Sometimes very seriously. Often for years or decades at a time.

They react by normalizing it, by saying it’s not abuse. It is.

The government, too. Let’s say you give up the rat race, you have enough for an RV (run by solar energy, let’s say) and you know how to hunt and fish and get plants. I guarantee you, you will find that most of the ‘land of the free’ isn’t.

Why am I talking about this? Because I want you to understand that you have been -abused- and, most importantly, you have learned to compromise with it. You’ve decided ‘here is my line’ and you’ve learned to live with it and not consider yourself a victim, even though you are.

Talk to people who know about the cycle of abuse and can help you recognize and break it. Understand that there are mental health resources that can help you.

You need to know this because the current administration will take advantage of it. Because you don’t know you’ve been a victim, they will try and move that line, push it back, force you to compromise more.

Don’t let them.

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Tale as Old as Time

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To my gaming / gamer friends:

Play’s as old as the human race, likely far older. And pretty much forever, it has been about preparing youth for what’s to come in the world.

We turned a lot of that on its head with Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire and Werewolf and Fading Suns and ALL of the amazing stories we brought into our adult years.

But look at who we played! Look at what we did! I remember, so clearly playing with -brilliant- people, with -brave- people, who consistently overcame insane odds to win the day. Even the people who played our ‘villains’ — and who I frankly didn’t thank enough for the great work they did, sometimes at personal expense — they put passion into their work. They brought out the best in us and they produced awesome stories.

So here we are, standing at the edge of a real world, in very real peril, and I have the words of artists like Bill Bridges and Phil Brucato and Sean Patrick Fannon and dozens of others in my head. I have the stories they inspired and played in and created.

We played against the darkness for a number of years. We -practiced- for this. So when you feel that deep despair, that bone-numbing sadness, I’m asking you, hells –I’m begging you–, to remember. To reach inside to that character you once played. Remember them. Remember that their strength came from you AND IT IS STILL THERE.

I can’t repeat this enough. You are beautiful, you are brave, you are clever and you are all crazy in just the right ways. Celebrate the small victories with your friends, howl at the moon, brace for winter and bring a lamp and 50 ft of rope. If it helps, name those characters in the comments. Invoke them.

You are my friends and I love you. All that you dream possible, I’ve seen you play. -You- are up for this even if you don’t think so.

I believe in you.

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