Acknowledgements: Shadowpath

aka All the Thank Yous!

I feel privileged to have had Shadowpath helped by so many talented people. My wife was the first to encourage me out of my shell and writing my first solo project. That was expanded upon by my writing mentor, Ken Rotcop, an amazing, kind and very talented teacher who has aided a number of students over the last few decades.

My many friends, through Sneezing Lizard Productions, who encouraged me to keep writing, even in my darkest days. Two in particular who served as character inspirations: T.J. Storm and Eric Hutton. To the writers who may not know they’ve inspired me over the years (Saille, I’m looking at you! And Mr. Fisher and Mr. Glass, thank you for the critiques and aid in sharpening my craft).

Kate McCallum–my first publisher–who challenged my assumptions on Shadowpath and whose firm grasp of the underlying metaphysics of the book took it to a brand new level. My mentor at the Horror Writer’s Association, who encouraged me when things didn’t work out as planned. Armand Inezian–my current publisher–who smoothed off all the rough edges and turned it into a professional piece and whose patience is legendary and welcome.

Finally to the team who brought it visually to life, Todd Malkin and his beautiful art and Kathy Mack setting up layouts (and suffering through my innumerable questions).

Thank you to one and all who have been a piece of this!

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